What’s she.space?

The short and sweet of it: she.space is a seriously impressive knowledge network of talented and influential women in Surrey. That’s not a pat on our own backs – these legends speak for themselves, we just sing their praises.

Our story

We’re Sorcha and Liana. Being ex-Londonites, we missed the vibrant social scene where you can eat, drink and talk business in fabulous venues, without the whiff of a stale cheese pastry or name badge in sight. We wanted to recreate those hangouts in some of Surrey’s hidden gems, where we could have our own space away from the noise of the family and demands of a job.
Sorcha Egan and Liana Wilson Fricker
But we are so much more than a network. Driven by our need to do what we love in the most efficient and fun way possible, you are surrounded by co-creators and knowledge sharers. We know that if we work together as a talented and skilled group of people gathered around common goals and ideas, our learning is better, smarter, faster and much more fun!
And thanks to our legendary she.space members, you have access to some of the most creative names and brains in Surrey. If you join us, you’ll come away feeling like a winner, a little more educated and inspired to get shit done.

Our learning style

We are a hands-on knowledge network that works in the real world. The specialist skills and experience within she.space are phenomenal and our not-so-secret recipe to success is SHARING! Sharing is the fastest route to success – it just makes good business sense. We all have something to contribute and what we share makes us stronger. Strength in girl numbers #thefutureisfemale

Are we a match?

In this noisy world, we are all looking for better clarity, communication and connections. So we’re all about connecting in the right way. We look for depth and colour in our members – genuine relationships come first and the business follows.

From one-girl bands and creative entrepreneurs to C-Suite high flyers, there’s space for you at our table. All we ask is that you rock up with a fire in your belly, a need to learn more and a kick-ass attitude.

We are seriously excited about what has already been achieved in such a short space of time, with new partnerships forming, personal networks growing and members going out of their way to support each other in their quest for success. We can’t wait to learn about you and create something beautiful together!
(And men, if you’re up for it, you’re more than welcome too!)

she.space workshop

Sorcha Egan
Liana Wilson Fricker