We champion the curious, creative and bold women flying solo in work.

Hello, I'm Sorcha

A big welcome to she.space!

she.space is your bolthole. It's a place away from the noise of social media and the grind of the day. It's your pick-me-up when down or a reassuring word when you need it. Somewhere to discover what you're good at and what makes you feel good. A space to take back control, work out what's best for you, and define your own idea of success. It's a place to start new adventures and share experiences. It's a place to grow with friends!

We are on a candid, often muddy, and hilarious journey discovering the talented creators and doers at the heart of the she.space community.

Your Terms

What's my personal ambition? I want to spend as much good quality time as possible with my two small-but-mighty children and their epic dad (my rock), while building a business I love working on, with seriously talented people who push me, make me laugh loudly along the way, and most importantly, I want to spend time with. Pretty simple, huh?

Is that your goal? Nope! Nobody likes other people's children for starters 😉 Your dream is... yours. Here's some rehashed internet advice for you - you can't look at anybody else to see what they have, because you're not them, you're you.

Real, true success starts with you. It's clichéd, but so true!

We can't tell you what your success looks like. But we can be in your corner, the people you want to speak to and walk alongside. Or help you set the right direction and make it real. We can make you laugh when you fall down (and give you the stern word when you need it).

Give value back and help us when you can. Share your wins with us. Put yourself out there. Open up. Go big. It's only a matter of transforming what's already inside you. But why transform on your own when you can be with friends!

Be Visible In The Right Way

That's our gentle way of saying we can help you promote your work without you looking like an assface.

Let's address the elephant in the room. We all want to make money. We also want to earn our keep with a conscience. That's a good thing, right? There's nothing wrong with asking people for money in exchange for what you offer, so long as you’re genuinely making a difference to their lives. Nail that and you’re worth every penny you ask for!

Forget Facebook pages and Instagram posts that dilute your work and style. They'll only ever force you to focus on growing your account via the masses instead of developing you and your work. You end up with a digital patchwork of accounts doing different things across separate platforms and it's a lot of effort to keep on top of them. Also:

All social networks are owned by advertisers. You are not a product.

Something's gotta give soon. We've got social media overload, we're addicted to our devices and there's no satisfaction in it. So what's next?

We believe there’s a new paradigm of work emerging that’s starting to take root...

It allows you to take back control and own your story. It's the merging of work, play and authentic communities. You don't have to be the world's smartest or most talented, it's about what you contribute and how you do it.

If you're doing it right online, putting yourself out there should lead to more work. We make it easy to share as much of your story as you want to, from your work to your family life, projects and passions. To be more visible to the people who matter. We help you pull back the curtain and show the genuine article. 

The Community

This is your space to create new work opportunities in the way you choose to.

The formula is simple: we share solutions and learning, not products and services. We bring ideas, knowledge and experience together with interesting stories and we do everything with pure, unadulterated good intentions.

We're not owned by advertisers like all social networks. You are not data to us, our gig is sharing, not selling.

We all have businesses that we need to promote and grow. But it doesn't have to be a spamathon. We're all about connecting in the right way - genuine relationships come first and the business follows.

This is an authentic space for you to work and share with other women in the way you want to.

Still not sure? Take a look at who's in our community and see what we're all about!