About she.space

The short and sweet of it: she.space is a knowledge network of talented and influential women in Surrey.

We started out as two ex-londonites who were fed up with the tired old way of working that had you on a depressing commute, schlepping back and forth to the office, trying to keep up with the old boy's 9-5 treadmill. We wanted the glitz of London on our doorstep without the monumental effort. And we wanted it for ourselves: our own professional space away from the noise of the family and demands of the job. #wedontaskformuch

she.space was born from good intentions. We were both working on independent projects, sharing ideas with each other, enjoying the results that happen when you work well together. It was a positive, social way to work and it felt good. We worked on common goals and ideas together and realised that our learning was better, smarter and faster than working alone. The next step was a no-brainer.

When you get involved with she.space, you’ll have that ‘a-ha’ moment. You’ll understand why it's growing at a pace. It’s because of the women inside it - the talent is mind-boggling. The formula is basic: all we do is share that brilliance. We bring ideas and energy together with interesting stories and we do everything with pure, unadulterated good intentions. The vibe is one of sharing, not selling. And we put quality first. Always. All of our socials and learning experiences are a sweet combination of the smartest businesses, with engaged conversation and epic locations. We're all about connecting in the right way - genuine relationships come first and the business follows.

All we ask is that you rock up with a fire in your belly, a need to learn more and a kick-ass attitude. This is a chilled and welcoming space for you to learn from other women in the way you want to. If you join us, you'll come away feeling like a winner, a little more educated and inspired to get shit done. We can't wait to learn about you and create something beautiful together (and men, if you're up for it, you're more than welcome too!). #thefutureisfemale

The she.space story in pictures...

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