We are a global community of women learning about the world through each other's stories.

Once Upon A Time...

We all know The Boy Who Cried Wolf story don’t we? The kid gets bored and lies about a wolf eating all the sheep in his village. He does this a few times and people stop listening. Then the wolf rocks up, nobody believes him and the poor old sheep get eaten. That story is over 150 years old! It smashes today’s viral YouTube clips out of the park in terms of shares... Why do we keep telling it though? Is it not easier to tell people not to lie instead?


We are hardwired to understand and remember stories, not facts and figures!


The Power Of Storytelling

The bright sciency folk among us have proven that our brains become hyper activated when we tell each other stories. And the simpler the story, the more likely it is to stick. The problem is, our history of stories has been dominated by a white male sausage fest. So a lot of remarkable stories get overlooked…

The Untold History Of Women

Have you heard the legendary story of Cassandra? The Greek lass who was given this amazing party trick: she could predict the future. The guy who taught her this party trick was the Greek god, Apollo. He was lusting after our Cassy and thought this would get her interested. So when Apollo asks her to have sex and she says a very loud, “No”, he gets mighty angry and inflicts a curse on her that meant nobody would ever believe anything she said ever again. Roll on a few years and it doesn’t end well for Cassy. Over time she’s scorned, enslaved, accused of madness and eventually murdered. You’ve heard that one before, right? Yep, #MeToo.



The Power In Collective Storytelling

You may not know Cassy, but you can probably relate on some level. It’s a tragedy, but it’s a story that needs telling, right? Look at the impact of #MeToo. The power of women sharing their stories and amplifying their voices, can, quite literally, change the conversation and transform the world. We need to shine a light on each other’s stories so they are not overlooked and expand representation in every way possible.

It is our mission to raise the visibility of women, to ensure your voice is heard and your experiences are shared.

Women Changing The World

The she.space community connects your individual story with a vibrant network of women, to start interesting, meaningful conversations and play to each other’s strengths rather than looking for flaws in each other. It’s an outlet to become more confident, where you will sing your own praises, not downplay your achievements.



Learn And Connect Via Real, Authentic Experiences 

We bring women together of all ages and professions, to understand each other’s stories, find common ground and learn from each other. You will invite people into your world in the right way, where you are remembered for memorable and influential experiences that are of value to others.

This is not traditional networking.

There’s something really special and so much to be gained from women coming together to share in each other’s experiences. You are your work and to know your work, we need to know you. And the best bit? Your story is unique. Let’s tell the world the positive, powerful stories of our lives!

No one can ever own what you will become.

The she.space Community

she.space is your bolthole.

We are a place to create new opportunities with other women in the way you want to.

We exist to celebrate and champion the women who are punching above their weight in their personal projects and ambitions.

We seek out women who are forging their career on their own terms, while putting the ladder back to help others thrive and achieve success.

We celebrate the creative, curious and compassionate women.

We help women to be seen, heard and remembered, with compelling stories, the right support around them and good quality spaces to connect in.

We do everything with pure, unadulterated good intentions.

We're not owned by advertisers like all social networks. You are not data to us.

We're all about connecting in the right way - genuine relationships come first and the business follows.

We are a space to discover what you're good at and what makes you feel good. To take back control of your own story and define your own idea of success. A place to start new adventures and share experiences. A place to grow with friends!