The short and sweet of it: we are a colourful community for the insatiably curious, sound and spirited women flying solo in work.

Hello, I'm Sorcha

A HUGE welcome to! is your bolthole. It's a place away from the noise of social media, the grind of the day and the relentless school run. It's your pick-me-up when you've been kicked down, a space to tap into for a boost, or a reassuring word when you need it. It's somewhere to discover what you're good at and what makes you feel good. A space to take back control, work out what's best for you, and define your own idea of success. It's a place to start new adventures and share experiences. It's a place to grow with friends!

We are on a candid, often muddy, and hilarious journey discovering the talented creators and doers at the heart of the community.

At the very beginning of my career, I was a marketing assistant for a large corporate. The general idea of success then was to have a MIGHTY BIG SALARY and hold a powerful, often mysterious, C-suite position

You did your due diligence, climbing the rungs as you watched your senior colleagues sweep in and out of meetings, talking about IMPORTANT STUFF and having intense conversations on the phone, behind closed doors.

That was 16 years ago (whaaa?).

Since then, I've taken part in said IMPORTANT meetings and realised that you know as much as anybody else in that room, a lot of it is nonsense and everything is within reach.

I'm now acutely aware that I have to follow my own idea of success - not somebody else's -  if I'm going to make it to retirement happy and intact.

(I also know that I'm not very good at being managed by somebody else. And if I say 'I'm just going for 1 drink' after work, I always mean 4. But that's for another day.)    

The Community

When you get involved with the community, you’ll understand why it's growing at a pace.

The talent inside is mind-boggling.

The formula is simple: we share the brilliance. We bring ideas and energy together with interesting stories and we do everything with pure, unadulterated good intentions.

The vibe is one of sharing, not selling. And we put quality first. ALWAYS.

We're all about connecting in the right way - genuine relationships come first and the business follows.

All we ask is that you rock up with a fire in your belly, a need to learn more and a kick-ass attitude.

This is a good-natured, kind space for you to learn from other women in the way you want to.

If you join us, you'll come away feeling like a winner, a little more educated and inspired to get shit done.

We can't wait to learn about you and create something beautiful together (and men, if you're up for it, you're more than welcome too). #thefutureisfemale

Talk soon!