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The 9-5 is DEAD! The traditional office is obsolete, our working days are wrapped around our leisure and home activities and we’re on the hunt for new ways of working. It’s more important than ever that we find a balance between our hyperconnectivity and the need for quiet and privacy.


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co.lab is an excellent, low-cost way of generating new actionable ideas for your business. We develop our learning and experiences together socially, which results in this revolutionary new way of working.

Connect with women in a relaxed space, where passion projects are nurtured and new ideas come to light. Rich and diverse talent is a guarantee. Are you ready to meet your next investor, mentor or client?


It gives you informal ways to collaborate that would be otherwise unreachable. We know that the quality of the network – the different skills and abilities combined with productive work spaces – plays a critical role in innovation.

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What to expect

Our ideation sessions will challenge your decisions and push you to do better. Working together in small groups, you will focus on generating and developing actionable ideas to take back to your business.
Increase your market awareness of other industries by working with a diverse network who share best practices and professional contacts. Learn new creative skills that will help you overcome tired modes of thought.
Our interactive sessions give you informal access to the very best female entrepreneurs in Surrey who can provide mentoring, sense-making, business support and resources.
You will find purpose and balance while you work towards your business goals. Each themed session helps you address your business concerns with the support of other group members.