The village

Choose a community that fits YOU.

You’re here because you're thinking about going solo for work, or you're already running your small business, and you're looking for a healthy dose of trustworthy, quality advice and support.

You've seen how many different hats you need to wear as a solo entrepreneur and you know you've got to get out there and start talking to as many people as possible...

People are brilliant. They bring advice, experience, new opportunities and... customers!

Advice? There is an EPIC TONNE of information, local events, networking, training and government support available to small biz start-ups in the UK. They all have their own personality, style and je ne sais quoi...

The hard part is finding the right people and advice that are a GOOD FIT FOR YOU. You need that one pair of Hermès gloves that give you a satisfying, snug fit for as long as you need them. 

So before you join us, read on to find out what we're about:

    Why we're different from other online groups and forums. 

    What we believe in as a community.

    Or you may already know that we're a good fit, in which case, jump in now!

    What do we
    talk about? is for women starting out on their own.

    We are energetic, bold and creative.

    We are passionate about business and all things female empowerment.

    We are hungry (in every sense).

    We love to share frank, funny and relatable stories.

    We are proud. And kind. Always.

    We want to uplift and empower women to live their lives to the fullest.

    A week in the life of a Spacer...

    Talking all things NEW BUSINESS idea pods to help stimulate new ideas, research and focus groups to test out ideas, evaluation techniques to implement, 5 minute pitch opportunities, small group working...

    Talking all things GROWTH proven success strategies debated, collaboration opportunities put forward, recommended free & paid-for tools, marketing lessons on social media, branding, content, email, SEO, web development...

    Talking all things MANAGEMENT live Ask Me Anything events with industry experts, legal issues covered, finance tips to implement, project management tools, how-tos shared, expert guides posted... is
    your bolthole.

    We're not your standard group or network.

    For starters, we don't go wild for 👍 and 🙂. Those bad boys are addictive. Remember the 80s acid face?   Yep, exactly.

    If we don't see them on our messages, we experience withdrawal symptoms. WE'RE ALL EMOJI ADDICTS. The high you get when you're hit with a 'like'? Similar to smoking crack cocaine. And we don't want to feed our members crack.

    So we'll keep them in for shits and giggles but we believe success comes from ENGAGED AND PRODUCTIVE conversations between members, not passive actions from likes, reactions and shares.

    What else?

    We focus on REAL-TIME CONVERSATIONS, not discussion posts that have a delay before you get a response. Want to go over an idea or get a quick answer to something? Jump in and see who's around!

    We’re a PRIVATE community: to the tune of Tyler Durden, what happens in stays in It’s invite-only, meaning we check that applicants have a genuine investment to make before joining, which we believe is important in order to feel comfortable sharing.  

    We actively encourage CROSS-POLLINATION OF EXPERTISE AND EXPERIENCE. We don’t focus our learning around one guru, leader, influencer or topic. This way, we can enjoy a healthy flow of ideas and knowledge being shared from one subject expert to another.

    Our whole gig is that WE DON'T RANK MEMBERS. We place a high value on quality conversation and expect that however successful you are, others can reach out to you and be met with respect, openness and generosity.

    Take back control.
    Stop scrolling. Start talking.

    We'll help you connect in the right way...

    Tech is fundamentally changing the way we work, live and play. The changes are mind-bending, rapid and phenomenal, right?

    So we've picked up a few tech compulsions along the way. The need for a 👍. Or the impulse to check a message notification. Or the pull to visit Facebook briefly, only to find yourself tapping and scrolling an hour later...

    We take these changes very seriously.  And we also 😍 them. More and more women are setting up their own businesses as a way of managing their ambitions, career blocks or the demands of family and so much of this is down to advances in technology.

    What the community has learned so far...

    A digital detox won't get you anywhere. It's the same as a diet - it's temporary.

    We don't have to disconnect from tech to be happy. We focus on connecting in the right way.

    It's our responsibility to learn how to manage the noise and addictive behaviours. We can have a happy and healthy relationship with our devices by changing our actions.

    The community is about being CONSCIOUS. We take control of our happiness.

    We pause often and help ourselves to be more self-aware.

    Our phones don't rule us, they support us. We can help you set goals that encourage connection and productivity rather than stress and loneliness.

    Let's connect in the right way.

    Rebel hard.
    Rise fast.

    You've had a cracking week on social media, with loads of comments and shares on your Facebook page and 100s of likes over on Instagram. You push out a follow-up post asking your followers to buy from you...

    Tumbleweed. Not even a single bite.

    You panic and jump into the community...

    ‘Hey guys, can you give me your honest opinion on this. It's fallen flat and I spent hours on it. What's up with it??’

    ‘Urrm. I don't get it - I love the gif but I can't tell what you want me to do?’

    ‘Brilliant gif - where did you find that? (BTW, if you love gifs you should check out Gifx. It lets you add effects and music on top of the standard stuff.) Agree with @callie though - not sure what you're asking us to do next?

    'Have people engaged with it? Left any comments? Don't worry about likes. They're just numbers and pretty meaningless. As the others say, I think it's your call-to-action that's the issue. You just need to be really clear what you want them to do next.'

    We work together to provide on-demand solutions.

    That's just one example of the fast and friendly support in It's like having an office-on-the-go!

    Going solo can be lonely and confusing at times. Having a bolthole of like-minded friends just a tap away, wherever you are or whatever you're doing, is worth its weight in gold when starting out.

    And the best bit? It's FREE.

    Next steps...

    Are you a Slacker?

    The community lives on, the fastest growing business application in history (bonkers, huh?).

    If you haven't heard of Slack before, here's a quick overview:

    It's built for real-time conversations.

    You can message other community members directly in the main group, privately or you can chat in small groups. 

    You can get it on your phone, desktop or web. So basically, anywhere!

    We love Slack, as it lets us do all the things that make us the stand out community that we are, as well as helping us get our ducks in a row. Come and enjoy it with us!

    Your next 2 steps are SUPER simple and will take you no more than 5 minutes, promise...

    Hit the 'Join Us' button below and apply to join the community.

    Download the Slack app to your phone now and get registered:

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