Chandni Hirani

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Who is Chandni Hirani?

Chandni Hirani is a social entrepreneur who’s single-handedly ending energy poverty through her work in Kenya and East Africa. 🙌

On a mission to help local women and girls make a livelihood from solar power, Chandni is the founder behind Kilimanjaro Green Energy, a social impact business that helps rural communities light their homes with affordable energy while providing tools to help them build small businesses. 🌞

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Chandni's journey in getting Kilimanjaro Green Energy to where it is today has been an incredibly challenging one. Having seen first-hand the level of poverty in Kenya's most impoverished areas, she knew that for social change to take place, a creative grassroots solution was needed. Trust is paramount, so she spends a great deal of her time working out there with the local communities, building strong foundations while teaching them how they can do more every day. The focus is on moving away from a culture of dependency on aid to educating them on how to be profitable and self-sufficient. The results are amazingly effective! 🤙


Find supportive female mentors!
Chandni says the ones in her life
have made a huge impact in
keeping her pushing forward.

Chandni says her move into entrepreneurship was almost accidental, as it was only being out in Kenya that helped her see the huge gap in modern energy provisions. She has always been curious of mind, but it's seeing the results, where women are successfully managing their own profitability, that drives her success.
A champion concept, she is tackling the gargantuan problem of billions living without power by lighting up new ways of working that go way beyond lightbulbs and lanterns. Her products are helping local women entrepreneurs launch anything from cyber cafes, laundry services to hairdressers!