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Who is Irena Miroforidu?

If you’ve ever spent time travelling on your own, you’ll know those moments when you’re holed up in a hotel, wishing your pal would rock up and grab a gin with you in the offbeat local over the road.

Irena Miroforidu knows this situ well, having travelled all of her life as a surfer. Although her friends are up for the occasional trip away, plans nearly always turn into a game of calendar ping pong as they try and pin down a date, and the idea gets sidelined…🤔

Combining her life-long love and work experience, Irena is the razor sharp mind behind Tribd, a brand new social networking platform that solves the issue of lonely travel, bringing together backpackers, adventurers and boardsport enthusiasts travelling the world solo, to buddy up and share their next adventure with. CHA-CHING! 👌

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Irena is the living, breathing incarnation of She's done what so many women don't do. Because... #fear. She's given up a successful FinTech city career to follow her own path on her own terms. 🙌 With a small pot of cash, a raw idea and a mahoosive dollop of passion, she did her due diligence and learned all the aspects of owning a startup: the financial implications, the tech involved, how to get it seen, options for funding, legal responsibilities... 🤙

Trust your gut and just do it. So long
as you do your homework and don't take
unnecessary risks, you're educating
yourself in the best way possible.

More often than not, Irena ends up travelling solo and she knew she wasn't alone in this predicament, so she put a solution down on paper and began work on it... 👩‍💻 Fast forward a year, while keeping a full time role and studying epic volumes of research, Irena has turned her idea into a working reality, registered the business, committed a tech company and the launch is underway...
It's been a steep learning curve. Irena is a sole founder, following her own common sense and gut instinct most of the time (although having a super geeky brother in tech has been a mega advantage!). She's had to overcome major hurdles along the way, including funding difficulties that many female founders face. But despite all of this, she's busy launching Tribd to backpackers and adventurers worldwide. OUTSTANDING!