Juliet Eccleston

Juliet Eccleston

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Who is Juliet Eccleston?

Juliet Eccleston is on a quiet revolution. She’s bringing about a seismic shift in the way we find work with each other…

It’s simply genius. 🤓

Co-founder of AnyGood?, Juliet is making a bold mark on the recruitment industry. Fed up with the tired old ‘spray and pray’ approach with candidates, she’s doing what she knows works: finding talent through people you know, respect and trust.

AnyGood? is a trust-based network where talent is found by recommendation alone. It’s just one flat fee and only if someone is hired, it’s seriously good value for money and the results are proving to be bonkers good. What’s not to love?

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Juliet ‘had it all’. A hugely successful career, the London lifestyle and big brands on tap. Yet she followed her instincts and invested in herself, finding a way she can work on her own terms, with even more success. And she hasn’t sacrificed the old work life/ balance… In between work sprints, she can often be found holed up in some of London’s flagship underground music venues listening to live music, teaching herself double bass at her home in Brighton, or chasing after her crazy Labrador across the South Downs. Oh, and she’s a mum too. #shesgotthis

Test your ideas early and share them
with people who don’t think in the same
way as you. It’s always a stellar
learning opportunity. And it’s free!

This kickass formula didn’t happen overnight. Juliet was delivering change programmes for big brands such as the BBC, Legal & General and Egg (remember them? the very first internet bank in the 1990s), before she moved into the unknown, chaotic world of startups with a blueprint she created for herself. 💪
Her vision is simple. She’s disrupting the agency way of life, where candidates are ‘owned’, quantity is favoured over quality and fees are high. Juliet is making engagement her currency, where it’s win-win-win handshakes for everybody involved.🤝 Impressive, isn't it!