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Miranda Gowlland

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Who is Miranda Gowlland?

Miranda Gowlland is one of those cool, calm and confident women who is quietly winning at #lifegoals. 🤩 She's lived in 11 countries and travelled to over 100 across her lifetime, taking in her favourite happy places alongside work, diving in tropical waters with bright corals and memorising reef fish. 🏊🏻‍♀️

She knows her own worth, with a righteous career in digital marketing, working for the likes of Facebook and Google. Not only that, but she's a role model for women starting out in #STEM, having trained in later years as a full stack Javascript web developer, with a taste for building apps. This girl knows her inner geek value and she's struck gold balancing work and play.

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Her chosen pathway...

Leaving a rich corporate career behind her, Miranda followed her instincts and moved to Berlin to learn how to code. And she's never looked back since, enjoying the freedom of working for herself as a digital nomad, soaking up one culture at a time while she chooses her own hours and who she wants to work with.

Don't be seduced by an external
perception of company culture.
It's the people, not the perks,
that make a place great to work.

A big advocate of finding the right company culture, Miranda believes a lot of her success comes from seeking out the work spaces that are a good fit for her personally and professionally. She believes that so much of your happiness at work comes from how much you value your time while there and it's important to make this a part of your search. Take a job because you want to work with the people you've met in the interview process - it's key to your future happiness. And trust your gut instinct! Yaaaaasss, Miranda! #smashingit 👊