How to find your creative side I 7 free and cheap ways to get your creativity flowing

How you can be creative with these 7 simple steps. Quick ways to get your creative style started.

You may not think of yourself as a creative, whiling away the hours with a paintbrush in your hand and a glass of wine in the other, expressing your inner you. Okay, maybe the wine is believable. [bctt tweet=”We’re all unique and have creative flair, we just need a bit of help finding it. “]Getting creative is a great way to find the ‘me’ in ‘me time’, so it’s well worth the time putting your phone down and closing the door on your daily grind for half an hour.

Get creative: take a free course

Leonardo da Vinci was in his late forties before he was taken seriously for his art. Creativity can be learned if you have a little patience, as it flows from how you choose to think; it’s a thought process. You have to make yourself mentally open to new experiences. A great place to start is with the myriad of free or affordable classes now online. Have a go at that video class you’ve been eyeing up, or give an unusual skill a chance, like calligraphy. Open up your mind to learning new skills and educating yourself, it’s a creative trait that can be fine-tuned and improved. has many free courses on offer, live and recorded, or if you want to dive right in, you can buy 30 classes for £24 if you’re quick with their winter sale.

Check it out here:

Photography class

Get creative: build a mood board

A picture is worth a thousand words and mood boards are an excellent way of showing what you want to say visually. A mood board is an informal collection of images, text, textures and materials. In short, anything that helps you express the vision you have in your mind.

Mood board

Our very own exceptionally talented member, Erin Donohoe, has shared her creative tips on de-cluttering your mind with a mood board over on her blog here.

Get creative: start writing

Sometimes, you need to switch off and take a digital detox in order to clear your mind and put your thoughts in the right order. Going back to paper, writing down all your ideas, however small, is a good way to open up a creative thought process and is also a great way of stockpiling ideas that you can review at a later date. Almost certainly, you have the trappings of an idea knocking about somewhere. It’s just a question of identifying the good one that you already have lurking among the many that are lacking in appeal. So start by writing a list of anything that gets you thinking and relaxed, whether it’s a daydream, a hobby, something you specialise in at work, or a passion of yours. All ideas lead somewhere and this exercise will get you on the right path. And if you fancy raising the bar on your writing tools, these gorgeously luxurious notebooks on have just the right amount of sparkle to get your thoughts flowing.

Check them out here:

Get writing

Get creative: stimulate your senses

Keep your mind stimulated by new sights, sounds, tastes, smells and experiences. Open yourself up to an entirely different point of view by trying new cultural experiences that sharpen your senses and help your brain to think in new ways. It’s easy and comfortable to get yourself into a routine, so when you take yourself out of this safety net, it can lead to powerful new insights and big changes in your perceptions. Go out and talk to somebody new, read a publication that isn’t aligned with your political beliefs, try a new hobby or food. They can open up new opportunities and change your thought processes so you view things in a different light.

Food nutrition

Get creative: join a co-working space

Don’t be alone with your ideas. Working from home has many advantages, especially for parents, but it can be a lonely experience if you don’t have a local work crew to tap into every once in a while to keep you grounded and sane. It’s also a great way of sharing ideas, carrying out any peer research you may need, testing new marketing material or even looking for new clients or partners. So come along and join the tribe on one of our member co-working days, where we meet regularly at the seriously snug and welcoming Cozy space in Woking. We love seeing new faces and we’re an amazing network of seriously talented, high quality individuals who would love to help you get on!

Get creative: channel your inner child

The best lessons in life are learned when you’re small. It’s when you play the hardest. You take risks. You’re determined, fearless and stubbornly persistent. You question authority and willingly make mistakes, with no shame. You own it. It’s only as you leave your younger years, forming routines and following the rules, that these entrepreneurial traits fade away. You need to get them back! Take a half day and get down on your hands and knees with the kids, building dens and getting messy in some messy play. Or buy a video game and stock up on the popcorn while you while away a few hours in an online adventure. Or put on some earphones, whack your favourite music up and dance until you’re out of breath. There’s a lot to be said for letting go, when you can put things into perspective and remember that life doesn’t have to be so grown-up all of the time. Down tools and go and buy something silly and fun now – don’t wait. Get your toddler game on.

Child's play

Get creative: connect with creative types

You should surround yourself with those who inspire you. People have a huge impact on your life. And the good ones will drive you to achieve your goals, empower you, give you confidence to succeed and will make you a better person overall. We live by this advice at, where we connect women in the right way, so friendships blossom first and the professional connecting naturally follows. We have a huge amount of respect for the talented and inspirational women in our network and we have seen firsthand how these friendly connections can lead to new and exciting work opportunities. So check out when the next event is, get out of your working-from-home clobber (pyjamas) and come and join us. We promise you it’s worth the effort!

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