Do you want to connect with women just like you, who can help you through the bad days, call you out when you’re derailing and celebrate your big wins when you nail it, no matter where you are or what you’re doing?
Would you like to learn from the real industry experts who get it. Who have been in your shoes and will give you the no-bull, stripped back, honest account of what it takes to go solo?
Are you overwhelmed and need help starting out, where you can work through new ideas, overcome your fears and take those first small steps with those who have been there before?
Would you love to pool your shared skills and talents with other women who are creating and running solo start-ups, to grow faster and learn in the way you want to?

Life's short. Hit the work reset button today.

The good times for women entrepreneurs are just beginning. 
Let’s be honest, it’s well overdue. Entrepreneurship has been a man’s domain for too long. 

You want a meaningful and rewarding career? AND a happy family? Get to the back of the queue, woman!

That right there. That’s why you should START. DOING. TODAY. 

Let's all shout a very loud UP YER RONSON at the inflexible, tired nine-to-five economy.

Slam that door shut toddler-style. We’ve got a mass of untapped talent and it’s time we did something about it!

We've got your back.

It’s really happening! The community is standing up with women everywhere, saying ‘actually, I don’t need to play the boys’ game. I’m gonna do this on my own terms.’

And these women are THRIVING in new businesses as they shape their own futures and choose their own work-life agendas. It’s ruddy brilliant!

Don't let motherhood
slow you down.

The real world obstacles that we face.

When we are young, we are told that we can be anyone we want to be. We are educated and encouraged to study beyond school into university, where we will achieve the impossible and have it all.

And then we have a baby.


There is no qualification that prepares you for that life change and it’s GINORMOUS.

All of a sudden, the skills you need to succeed - caring for your children, keeping them fed and watered, managing a household and all of its administration, being anywhere on time ever, your ability to multi-task, creative problem solving, BEING PATIENT… All new skills that you have to learn AND FAST!

Your world is turned upside down as you speed off on the STEEPEST LEARNING CURVE YET, on a roller coaster of physical and mental changes.

Your time is sliced into nano-seconds and you’re in a world that no longer aligns with the traditional workplace.

And on top of all of that, old Nanny Self-Esteem and her crusty cousin, Fearful Freddy, come creeping into your home, making you question yourself and your value.

"By having a baby, have I dropped off the bottom-rung of my career ladder??"

You’ve hit a wall. Your family will always come first but now you're wondering, "how will I ever juggle motherhood with a successful career? How do I strike the right balance between my children and work?" 

And by this stage, you're wise to the reality. BEING AT HOME IS HARD BLOODY WORK.

And we were all individuals before motherhood.  It doesn't take long for the lure of the quiet lunch hour to come creeping back in, wondering about when your financial independence will return, when you're away from the tantrums and endless housework. Women will always be seeking an identity and legacy that exists outside of the family home, that is theirs only.

We can help you.

The community is a safe place to rediscover you. To find ways of making your work work for you on your own terms. It’s a thinking space, with tools and support to help you put new ideas down on paper, work through your fears, review your ambitions and take those first small steps towards change.

We connect the dots between you and your potential, pooling our wisdom and talents to get you to first base.

Now hold up
and listen...

You have the potential to build a successful business.

It isn’t about being the next tech brand with a turnover in the billions. Or being on the Apprentice, repeating the phrase ‘growth hacking’ without knowing what it means.

If you have an idea that you think you could turn into a small business, it's about working efficiently, being productive and remaining committed to the cause (and if you're a mum, you've already nailed all three).

It isn't about high risks as a male, unmarried, workaholic following a grand vision.

You can be an introverted, analytical and organised entrepreneur who runs a hugely profitable company (think JK Rowling, Emma Watson and Google's very own Larry Page).

When you start a business, you follow a path that unfolds as you walk. If you’re comfortable with that, then it’s a path of independence, responsibility and creativity, where you can turn your interests, knowledge and personal ambitions into a source of livelihood instead of working for someone.

We can help you from the very beginning.

We can help you strip back, assess your life and decide what makes you happy.

The community supports all areas of starting a business right from the very beginning, whether it's testing out your ideas, learning from other start-up successes, shared experiences from those who have been through it or just being a sounding board during times of frustration. 

Passion, brutal honesty,
belief & breasts
(no balls here)...

It's hard work, but you control your own path.

Starting a small business can look like a mysterious process if you haven’t done it before. When you see a successful person, you only see the public glory. You don’t see the grubby parts, where they spectacularly fall flat on their face (more than once - that’s guaranteed).

Behind scenes of smiles and humble brags, these entrepreneurs will be making many small steps and tests to enable those public glories you see. It never happens as one big leap.

ALL successful entrepreneurs have had at least one or two of these thoughts running through their mind before starting.

“What about the business areas I don't know anything about?”
“Where do I start? It’s overwhelming!”
“What if it doesn’t work out?”
“My family think I’m bonkers for even thinking about it.”
“How do I come up with a new idea that hasn’t been done before?”
“Where do I find the money to get started? And what if I lose it all?"
“I don’t know what to expect.”

Without having someone alongside you to hold your hand and tell you what to expect next, the risks of starting a business seem insurmountable.

You don't have to start out on your own.

The community is committed to taking your professional life up a notch, among friends. We've experienced the same fears as you, we understand the unique pressures on you as a woman in business and we're here for you.

The very essence of this community is the beautiful, evolving and incomplete stories from extraordinary women baring all, that resonate with all of us. Let's start your story today.

A bit of inspiration,
& funding...

Take a small step, mull it over after

It's easy to get sucked into the thinking and planning of a career change. But those with experience know that you learn much faster by doing

With a bit of help, you can make that first move. The goal is to get off square one and get on to the fun stuff.

And this is where we come in.

We can help you with those first steps -  finding ideas, deciding what you want to do, understanding what your limitations are, testing your market - you are not alone and we’ve got your back. 

You start doing and the magic starts to happen. Don't wait until you feel ready and everything looks Instagram perfect. Rally the support around you and commit to that first small step.

When you want to do something but the thought of it terrifies you, you’re onto a good thing…
Join us!

Come on in, we love you already...

This is a space for women to help each other more and judge less - a genuine value we truly believe in, with lashings of compassion thrown in for good measure.

It matters because there is something larger at play than starting out on your own. What all of us have in common is A THIRST FOR NEW EXPERIENCES, learning in the way we want to, not how things have been done before.

We are all here to learn: to change, develop and grow. 

The community is a collection of shared experiences. Our experiences shape who we are today and form the basis of empathy: how we connect with each other.

You can't buy experience or get a qualification in it. And nothing can replace our experiences. They are highly valuable and help us make fundamental life changes that will ultimately make us happy. It's where we try new things, get stuck in and step out of our comfort zone.

If we share our experiences with each other, we learn faster and go further, together.