Member Workshops

We strip social media back to basics and teach you how to build an audience and drive sales. Come away with razor sharp objectives, be reassured by what you’re currently doing well and take advantage of the strategies that will help you do more in less time. Read more >>

It’s time to get creative! During this 2 hour session we’ll explain once and for all WHY you need to create content (Google juice!), help you to find the interesting stories already hiding in your business and teach you best practice tips for sharing it online. Read more >>

A wise woman once said: “Turnover is vanity, Profit is your sanity and Cashflow is your reality.” Running out of cash is the usual reason a startup dies and there are many reasons why a company can arrive at this sad point – the sales proposition may be weak, sales and marketing may be poor, or the product itself might not work properly. Read more >>

This workshop is designed as an “operations tool kit”, focusing on the key aspects of operating startups and small companies. Among the topics that will be covered are Accounting, Information Technology, HR and Legal. Read more>>